Iowa City, Iowa, 1979 - 1988

suzanne searles rides a cambus and ponders

Children of 518




mark gauger and ruth burch liles enjoy the cool quarry on a hot iowa day

Quarry days




the men of big house gather around the television at the river city housing co-op

River City Housing Co-op






five young women celebrate the end of the spring term in front of their house on north linn street, iowa city

Iowa City scenes




university of iowa pentacrest in downtown iowa city




iowa city drummer sunny williams leads the saturday afternoon jam session of the iowa city mayor's youth program

Mayor's Youth Program



david richmond makes a phone call

Faces of Iowa City




prof. kay amert pauses in the hallway of the journalism school

U I School of Journalism




ed nellis and steve moon drink at a university camera party

University Camera




marian pierce eats dinner while sitting on the floor in my north linn street apartment in iowa city.

My Iowa City homes